YFC — a breakthrough in the world of DeFi

Alexey Shasherin
1 min readOct 10, 2020

DeFi — or decentralized Finance. This concept was born in the crypt relatively recently but has gained quite a lot of momentum recently.

And now a new DeFi project has appeared on the horizon — Yeast Finance Club

The YFC platform aims to simplify the activities of investors. Combining most of the DeFi projects. In addition, the project is preparing to integrate not only with the ethereum blockchain, but also Chainlink and so on.

At this stage, YFC tokens are being pre-sold https://my.cctip.io/token/exchange/convert/f01a61d63ae95e9a6e12dd9e3727eb22307d85224f229c58e15fb1f086fa9137

The full supply of tokens is 77777 pieces, so I think investing in this project is a great idea. A professional team will lead this project to the top of the crypto industry.