ReferCoins — a breath of fresh air for bounty hunters

Bounty companies are extremely common in the cryptocurrency world. Bounty-reward for any actions on the part of users when developing a token or service. Mostly for social media actions: retweet on Twitter, subscribe on Facebook, etc. mostly. Bounty campaigns last from a couple of weeks to several months

Recently, the world wide web has a great service with bounty campaigns — ReferCoins. .

The service is “young”, but it is developing very quickly. There are currently four tasks available. Retweet on Twitter, share on Facebook, post on Facebook, and write an article. The conditions for completing tasks are very simple, so even if you are not a fan of bounty campaigns, it will not take much time and effort. Also, which is very pleased, the reward is paid in Bitcoin. this is extremely rare in such services. I was also extremely surprised by the withdrawal of funds. You will only need to earn 5 mBTC or 0.005 BTC!!! to make a withdrawal to your wallet. Given the large payouts for the completed task, this will take a little time.

Additional currencies are listed in the menu, which means that new tasks for bounty hunters will soon appear. I am sure that this service will be very popular, so everyone on Board, while there are still places ))