Excellent project Tixl Astronauts Club

On the Internet I came across the MTXLT project. The MTXLT token itself is a native token of a private Defi platform called Autobahn Network. The cool factor is that it can be transmitted over the network with zero Commission. https://tixl.me

The TIXL system is also developing and running on the BInance chain. The TIXL token is traded by BInance DEX and the Probit cryptocurrency exchange. https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/tixl

Thanks to the zero Commission for transfers within the network, the privacy of transactions, and the speed of transfers, this token will take a leading position in the world of cryptocurrency. And at the moment, based on this, it’s time to stock up on Tixl tokens. One option is to purchase tokens. Another option is to participate in the Tixl Astronauts Club program. For certain actions in social networks, the project provides a reward in the form of its own tokens. Most of all, the social network Twitter prevails. This program is Tixl Astronauts Club.

To participate in the Tixl Astronauts Club program you need to register on the project’s website https://vk.cc/ayFidG. In the profile tab, join the program and link your Twitter account. Then you perform simple tasks: retweet, tweet, etc.Every day you will earn points for completing tasks, depending on the points you will be awarded in the future

TIXL tokens are less than a million in total. Don’t miss the chance to buy/earn these promising tokens. Good luck.