Earn with pleasure

Rejoice in the bounty hunters, The project Synthesis Finance launched its bounty campaign

The project has a great idea of combining decentralized Finance with agricultural profits

First go to the site https://peakd.com/bounty/@synthesisfi/synthesis-finance-offering-usd1500-worth-bounty-paid-in-bitcoin-btc

Before completing tasks, read useful information about the project here


Read carefully the terms of the campaign, subscribe to the project’s Twitter https://twitter.com/SynthesisFi

We perform simple tasks and fill out the form.

I recommend participating in the sale of project tokens https://peakd.com/defi/@synthesisfi/synthesis-finance-dual-token-farming-sntf-ysntf. In my opinion, the project is very promising, I think it is very smart to be a token holder of this project.






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