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Alexey Shasherin
3 min readJan 5, 2021


Hello everyone, I recently told you about the new coinsio platform in an article

In this article, we will try to analyze in more detail how to still use the market that is on this site. At the moment, as I noticed, due to the fact that the site has only recently appeared and does not yet have a large audience, trading there is not as active as on more well-known sites, but it is still present.

I will give an example from my own experience, I did not make a deposit, the funds were received from bounty tasks.

After we have registered on this site and we have funds in our wallet, no matter where we made a deposit or received a reward for tasks, go to the BUY tab, then click Marketplace

After that, we get to the market, which already has sellers. Select our country, or the country where we are currently located, select the coins that we want to trade, and click the Filter button. I want to sell ETH, so in the sell tab I put Ethereum

Moving on to the pair that interests us, I’m interested in buying LTC. So I look at sellers who sell LTC for ETH. Once we have selected a seller, click the BUY button and go to the purchase page.

On this page, we see the minimum and maximum trading value, from 0.1 LTC to 40 LTC. We also see the end date of this offer, in my case it is December 19, 2025. And there is also a percentage of the commission for the transaction and the cost of LTC at the moment. Enter the value that we need to buy and click the BUY button.

We receive a notification in the mail about the pending transaction. We can track all open trades in the Trade tab, transactions. When the seller confirms the transaction, you will receive an email about the completion of the transaction

At this point, the transaction is completed, the result will be displayed on your wallet balance. In principle, the platform is normal, the output works, bitcoin was withdrawn, and they are withdrawn quickly.

I remind you that the platform has existed for more than one day, before that the project was called Refercoins, but at the moment the guys have switched to this platform. Refercoins didn’t have that much functionality. Also, do not forget to participate in the bounty campaign that takes place on the platform. In the following article I will try to sort out the gift card and the auction with gift cards. Gift cards are not very popular in my country) I hope the developers of the platform will continue to develop and in the future CoinsIO will take its place in the top of the cryptocurrency world, since today, not so many projects can boast of such a large functionality, which is presented on the site.



Alexey Shasherin