Alexey Shasherin
3 min readDec 28, 2020


CoinsIO — hybrid of the cryptocurrency world

Hello everyone, friends )) Not so long ago, I came across a great project of our beloved cryptocurrency world. This is CoinsIO. As soon as I went to the site and registered, I realized that this is what we need. All that is necessary for traders, crypto-enthusiasts, but about everything in order.

Now I will tell you how you can easily earn money on this platform, while it is very good, in the future, exchange coins and finally withdraw your earnings.

First we go to the site (I will be grateful if you insert my referral code : 22098 )

I would like to note that the site is made colorful, everything is in its place, so even if you are a beginner, it is unlikely that you will be able to get confused. I have English by default, which is also nice.

Click the “join” button and perform a simple registration. An email arrives at the post office, we confirm the mail)) Everything! we have successfully registered

Log in to the site and go to fill out information about yourself. There is nothing complicated. Fill in the first / last name, address and confirm the phone number.

Oh, Yes!!! after filling KYC 1, we can start a bounty for the job. At the moment, the site provides us with 4 types of tasks. This is Twitter, article, video and Facebook. The tasks are very simple, but take a look at the payment, for Twitter you get paid 3 !!! a dollar. I’ve never seen such a generous campaign before. Select the task you want to perform, go down and specify the account information. We specify the account information, wait for confirmation and admission to work and start earning money.


After completing the task after some time you will receive your payment in USDT. You can withdraw them to your wallet.But do not rush to withdraw them, as our hybrid platform gives us the opportunity to exchange USDT for something else.

Go to the Buy, Marketplace section and choose what you want to change.

You can use the filter. What currency you have to sell, what currency you need to buy a country

I would like to warn you that if you have only passed KYC 1, then the exchange limit is $500. You can pass the second level of KYC to increase the limits.

The platform has proven itself well, although not so long ago on the market. The percentage of transactions is very small, for example, when exchanging USDT for DASH, the percentage is only 1 percent, which is very small )) Withdrawal of funds from the platform to external wallets is less than 1 day.

I think this is what we were missing. Complete tasks, exchange rewards for almost any coin, and interact with merchants around the world. The platform also provides a gift card function. I hope CoinsIO will win hearts in all directions in the cryptocurrency world: bounty hunters, traders, holders