CHOCOSWAP — Swap at a new level

Alexey Shasherin
3 min readJan 1, 2021

Hello everyone, not so long ago I came across an interesting project, Chocoswap. At first glance, the project interested me and I decided to see what exactly it is.

Chocoswap is a decentralized exchange for Swap coins. At first, I thought that in principle, there are already many such projects, for example, Uniswap. But reading further, I realized that Chocoswap is an exchange based on Ontology

How is it in time, because everyone probably saw what high fees are charged on Uniswap, the transaction speed on Uniswap is very low

Chocoswap has two types of tokens. One of the tokens is Choco. Choco token system, fully integrated with the platform. The value will also depend on burning and redemption.

The second token is the VNLA token. This token is not initially in circulation, it will have to be mined. This token will also be used to manage the DAO. Of course, it is logical to understand that the value of this token will be extremely high ;)

Many people are familiar with such a wonderful project as Ontology. Chocoswap is a partner of this project. Ontology also has a wallet based on the Ontology Network blockchain. Accordingly, Chocoswap will be an exchange on this particular blockchain. Chocoswap has also been integrated into the Ontology system recently. This will allow us (users) to make instant transactions with a minimal transaction. Also, thanks to the identification system from Ontology, Chocoswap will be able to create a decentralized and reliable credit system for all financial transactions in the ecosystem.

You can also receive Choco tokens not only for trading fees, but also as a reward. Now is the best time to start mining the VNLA token, at the moment a test version of mining is available, it is described in more detail in this article, from the developers

On the project’s website, you can learn more about the white paper and read more information about this interesting project. Also on the site you can participate in the bounty, which was so kindly provided by the developers. Become one of the first token holders of this promising and cool project.

In principle, at the moment, I believe that this project will bring a breath of fresh air to the world of cryptocurrency. The platform will be provided with a full-fledged referral program. By the way, this is currently the only platform that will provide possible referral programs.

I, Shasherin Aleksei, have been interested in cryptocurrency and tracking various projects for three years. I recommend Chocoswap as one of the most promising projects over the past year in the DeFi framework