For several years I have been trading cryptocurrencies on various trading platforms. Learned a lot. And at the beginning of 2018, the cryptocurrency showed one of its peak positions in the history, I realized that I was very lucky. But in the future, I was left with almost the same, with what I started. Cryptocurrency collapsed about last year’s results and there was a feeling that these six months of our rapid rise up was not. I was disappointed. In the future, though I believed that the future of the crypto currency did not want to communicate with it anymore. Until one day, a friend of mine said to me, “Hey, while you’re depressed, a lot of people are making money on the great new ABCC exchange.” Because of my curiosity, I began to ask him about this exchange. A friend shared his observations and forecasts. I entered the ranks of the exchange ABCC with a good start-up capital. I started to gain momentum in trade token AT first, and I lay part of the token is characterized receiving evidende for retention. It was something I again found myself like a year ago. This unimaginable excitement that haunts traders engulfed me. In the future, the token at Poros several times, and it turns out I achieved results that were in the winter. It turns out, I, thanks to the exchange ABCC, and the token of the exchange AT, for a month selal result of annual trading on other exchanges))It was great. At the moment, I’m still trading on the ABCC exchange, at the moment, even after a small token rebound at a lower price, I’m still in a huge plus, and each time I get dividends for holding a certain amount of tokens. I am grateful to the exchange for the fact that thanks to it, I returned to those great feelings that are so familiar to every trader. Thanks. Your devotion to the trader.