Всем привет, сегодня хотел бы затронуть малоизвестный свап-сервис на BSC блокчейне — soupsswap.io

Ввиду большого давления со стороны регулирующих органов на криптовалюту и централизованные сервисы обмена и топ биржи, крайне популярны становятся Defi проекты, или так называемые свап биржи.

SoupSwap как это и заведено имеет собственный токен — SWP

Адрес контракта : 0x604d105f2f1f68641a000f03b5dc557bfffdb8fe

Полная циркуляция : 98 000 000

Сеть : BSC

На первый взгляд, на севрисе soupsswap.io нет особых отличий от уже более известных подобных сервисов типа pancakeswap и т.д.

При переходе на сайт soupsswap.io, коннектим свой кошелек, с которого хотим провести свап монет

Bitfrost is a multi-chain middleware platform that will help developers take what they want from each blockchain. Accordingly, you will no longer need to choose which of the blockchains you will create the project on. With Bifrost, you can combine all the best qualities of each blockchain.

Bifi is a decentralized Finance project, created on the basis of the Bifrost. Currently supports ETH, BTC and USDT. In the future, there will be support for more coins

Telegram has created a telegram bot, thanks to which everyone can contribute to the development of the project, as well as a chat in…

Hello everyone, I recently told you about the new coinsio platform in an article https://alexeyshasherin.medium.com/coinsio-hybrid-of-the-cryptocurrency-world-5046d30bd8da


In this article, we will try to analyze in more detail how to still use the market that is on this site. At the moment, as I noticed, due to the fact that the site has only recently appeared and does not yet have a large audience, trading there is not as active as on more well-known sites, but it is still present.

I will give an example from my own experience, I did not make a deposit, the funds were received from bounty…

Hello everyone, not so long ago I came across an interesting project, Chocoswap. At first glance, the project interested me and I decided to see what exactly it is.

Chocoswap is a decentralized exchange for Swap coins. At first, I thought that in principle, there are already many such projects, for example, Uniswap. But reading further, I realized that Chocoswap is an exchange based on Ontology

How is it in time, because everyone probably saw what high fees are charged on Uniswap, the transaction speed on Uniswap is very low

Chocoswap has two types of tokens. One of the tokens…

CoinsIO — hybrid of the cryptocurrency world

Hello everyone, friends )) Not so long ago, I came across a great project of our beloved cryptocurrency world. This is CoinsIO. As soon as I went to the site and registered, I realized that this is what we need. All that is necessary for traders, crypto-enthusiasts, but about everything in order.

Now I will tell you how you can easily earn money on this platform, while it is very good, in the future, exchange coins and finally withdraw your earnings.

First we go to the site http://www.CoinsIO.com

Всем привет

Познакомился с монетой Waves в далеком 2017 м году. Как раз в то время, когда криптовалюту охватил неожиданный хайп. Со всех телеканалов рассказывали про биткоин, курс биткоина отображался вместе с мировыми валютами — доллар, евро и т.д.

В то время многие криптовалюты были на слуху, а так же проект Waves. Монета Waves на тот монет была в пике своей цены, 21 декабря был абсолютный максимум по росту более 16 долларов за токен.

Проект основал российский предприниматель в 2016 году, и… на моей памяти это один из немногих российских проектов, которые достигли таких высот.

DeFi — or decentralized Finance. This concept was born in the crypt relatively recently but has gained quite a lot of momentum recently.

And now a new DeFi project has appeared on the horizon — Yeast Finance Club

The YFC platform aims to simplify the activities of investors. Combining most of the DeFi projects. In addition, the project is preparing to integrate not only with the ethereum blockchain, but also Chainlink and so on.

At this stage, YFC tokens are being pre-sold https://my.cctip.io/token/exchange/convert/f01a61d63ae95e9a6e12dd9e3727eb22307d85224f229c58e15fb1f086fa9137

The full supply of tokens is 77777 pieces, so I think investing in this project is a…

Rejoice in the bounty hunters, The project Synthesis Finance launched its bounty campaign

The project has a great idea of combining decentralized Finance with agricultural profits

Synthesis Finance have set ourselves an excellent task to combine decentralized Finance and agricultural profits.

The project chose a very interesting system. This is a DeFI platform with a dual token mechanism Meaning there will be two types of tokens. SNTF and ySNTF. However, ySNTF tokens cannot be purchased until they appear on the secondary market. But ySNTF tokens will just bring profitability to agriculture.

At this stage, you can buy SNTF tokens, and in the future there will be Airdrop ySNTF in the ratio to SNTF token holders 1:1

In fact, the idea is very peculiar, and most likely the guys will succeed.


The way to use blockchain and smart contracts is through decentralized Finance. These applications are abbreviated as DeFi.

In 2020, the crypto community showed a very strong interest in the DEFI market . In just a few months the value of assets locked in DEFI has increased to 9 billion.

The SpaceSwap project is the only one of its kind. The goal of the project is to combine the best DEFI management services using a single Protocol.

Alexey Shasherin


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